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If you want to build this at home, at least in my case, there are a few things you must know:

The most important parameter values are visible inside the blocks on the web page, but not all of them. In all building blocks the default input/output type is "complex" (blue endpoints are visible, The example uses the "float type" (orange). If you want to see the exact same thing as in the example, change the type in all four building blocks, and in the QT GUI Frequency Sink, also set Spectrum Width to "half" (default is "full") to eliminate.

Instead of the abbreviated numbers (1k, etc) you have to enter digits only, 1000 instead of 1k. In the signal source, enter "freq" for the frequency, and don't change any occurrence of "samp_rate". "freq" and "samp_rate" are the variables defined in the top row


The tappering of the Frequency Xlating FIR Filter is not specified in any of the tutorials that use it. The tappering has been created with firdes.low_pass(), but none of the required parameters are provided.