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CAS number


(isomeric) SMILES




standard InChI


hashed InChI


EC number


ChemSpider ID


headerstyle = background:#ccf; labelstyle = background:#ddf; datastyle = header1 = Header defined alone label1 = data1 = header2 = label2 = Label defined alone does not display (needs data, or is suppressed) data2 = header3 = label3 = data3 = Data defined alone header4 = All three defined (header, label, data, all with same number) label4 = does not display (same number as a header) data4 = does not display (same number as a header) header5 = label5 = Label and data defined (label) data5 = Label and data defined (data) belowstyle = background:#ddf; below = Below text}