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Output a 1 or zero based on a threshold value.

Test the incoming signal against a threshold. If the signal excedes the High value, it will change its output to 1, and if the signal falls below the Low value, it will change its output to 0.


(R): Run-time adjustable

Low (R)
Low threshold. Outputs 0 if input goes below it
High (R)
High threshold. Outputs 1 if input goes above it
Initial value
Value to output before the input reach one of the thresholds. Can be any value, not just 0 or 1.

Example Flowgraph

Insert description of flowgraph here, then show a screenshot of the flowgraph and the output if there is an interesting GUI. Currently we have no standard method of uploading the actual flowgraph to the wiki or git repo, unfortunately. The plan is to have an example flowgraph showing how the block might be used, for every block, and the flowgraphs will live in the git repo.

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