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This page describes methods to UNINSTALL (remove) GNU Radio from your computer. Since there are several methods of installing GNU Radio, different methods are needed to uninstall it.

From Binaries

If GNU Radio was installed from your distribution package manager, it can be uninstalled in the same manner. From a terminal screen, enter:

  • sudo apt uninstall gnuradio

From Source

If GNU Radio was built from source code, it can be uninstalled with the following commands. From a terminal screen, enter:

  • cd ~/gnuradio/build
  • sudo make uninstall


If you used PyBOMBS to install GNU Radio in a custom prefix, you can uninstall with:

  • sudo pip uninstall pybombs

Then move ~/{your-prefix} folder to Trash using Files

Unknown / Not Sure / Cleanup

If you don't know or don't remember your installation prefix, perform the following step:

  • on a terminal screen, enter gnuradio-config-info --prefix

then use that prefix in place of {your-prefix} in the following command.

  • find {your-prefix} -name gnuradio | grep "packages"

otherwise, try

  • find /usr -name gnuradio | grep "packages"

Then move whatever (sub)folders you find with "gnuradio" to trash using Files

Move ~/.gnuradio folder to trash using Files