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Guided Tutorials 2.0 outline:
*  Beginner User Level:
**      '''Very brief intro to GR, SDR, DSP''', i.e. this page- [[Guided Tutorial Introduction]].  We should reference to external sources for DSP/SDR background for those who need more
**      '''Intro to GR usage'''- GRC and flowgraphs, i.e. this page- [[Guided Tutorial GRC]]
**      '''Understanding sample rate, and how hardware and decimation/interpolation blocks impact it'''.  So [[Guided Tutorial Hardware Considerations]] and [[Guided Tutorial Extras Sample Rates]] and Barry's new writeup, but we can probably condense it down
**      '''Brief intro to PMTs, stream tags, and messaging passing''' (refer to Usage Manual for more info), i.e. this page- [[Guided Tutorial Programming Topics]]
**      '''Example practical usage of GR- PSK Demodulation''', i.e. this page- [[Guided Tutorial PSK Demodulation]]
* Intermediate User Level:
**  '''Understanding a flowgraph's python code''', content can come from [[Guided Tutorial GNU Radio in Python]]
**  '''Writing your own block''' (using Embedded Python Block), content can come from [[Guided Tutorial GNU Radio in Python]] and elsewhere
**  '''Writing the YAML/XML file for a block'''
**  '''Out of Tree modules''', should cover creation/installation and both Python and C++ blocks (but not writing them blocks themselves)
**  '''Writing blocks in C++'''
* Expert User Level:
**  '''Writing flowgraphs in C++''' (new to 3.8)
**    '''Volk- what it does, why it rocks, how to write new kernels'''
**  '''Working with ALSA and Pulse Audio'''
**  (any of the other really niche topics we already have tutorials for, i.e. the order isn't going to mean much)
* Developer Level:
**    Source level debugging C++ OOT modules with Visual Studio Code, see [[UsingVSCode]]
**    Building and Source level debugging C++ OOT modules with Eclipse, see [[UsingEclipse]]
**    Using Git with GNU Radio, see [[DevelopingWithGit]]
**    (anything else developer centric)
= Draft Tutorials 2.0 =
= Draft Tutorials 2.0 =

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Draft Tutorials 2.0

Beginner User Level

These tutorials are designed to guide new GNU Radio users to a better understanding of the project.

Intermediate User Level

Expert User Level

Developer Level

Content we will need to create or extract from existing work

  • Writing the XML file for a block (for 3.7)
  • Writing blocks in C++ (new in 3.8)
  • Writing flowgraphs in C++ (new to 3.8)

Content which is not used from original Tutorials page