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See also [[HamRadio]].
See also [[HamRadio]].
== TBD January 2021 16:00 UTC ==
Subject: Using GRC to build radios
Presenter: John Petrich W7FU
* Getting started with GRC
* Basic flow graph workspace organization
* Flow graph details
* Data flow problem solving
* Practical odds and ends for real radios
* Group discussion
* [[Media:Using_GRC_to_Build_Radios.pdf]]
* [[Media:HF_VHF_CW_SSB_transceiver_GRC_3.7.grc]]
* [[Media:NBFM_Transceiver_GRC_3.7.grc]]
* [[Media:SSB-CW_receiver_DSP_-_GRC_3.8_(annotated).grc]]
* [[Media:SSB-CW_transmitter_DSP_-_GRC_3.8_(annotated).grc]]

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See also HamRadio.