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Starting page for UX notes and projects

Joining the conversation

UX work is currently focused on the GNU Radio Companion and the main website. The project hasn't made UX a particular focus or value in the recent past so most current contributors do not have habits, processes, or experience in evaluating and improving the usability of the software beyond basics like shortcut keys and API consistency. If you see something that seems like it could be improved, it probably can. We're eager to learn from folks with experience, to extend our community, and to support efforts that haven't been emphasized before.


  • GNU Radio Companion (GRC)
  • Main Website
  • Project visual identity
  • The Comprehensive GNU Radio Archive Network (CGRAN) Website

GNU Radio Companion

The GNU Radio Companion (GRC) application is the most significant graphical tool that most users encounter in the project. It is a tool that enables users to create custom software programs by clicking and dragging blocks, visually connecting them, and setting values in the blocks. This connected set of blocks is called a flowgraph and is the core functionality of GNU Radio. The application ships with a moderately sized library of core blocks and an extensive variety of third-party "out of tree (OOT) modules" are available which can be installed to add new blocks.

GRC is continuously under development but the user interface has been stable in it's present form since ~2007. It is currently implemented with the GTK toolkit, but to improve future maintainability, reduce dependencies, and hopefully improve it's appearance (especially cross-platform) it is being ported Qt. This means now is a particularly good time to revise its workings and appearance.


Main Website


Project Visual Identity

We're fortunate to have had some great graphics work done in the (fairly distant) past so our project logo, wordmark, and color scheme are distinctive and generally pleasing. The project is continuing to mature and is increasing the amount of interaction and outreach it does with businesses, government organizations, and other formal bodies. As a general design project it would be useful to have a standard set of templates for documents.


The Comprehensive GNU Radio Archive Network website is the central location for users to find plugins to GNU Radio which implement new blocks and entire wireless systems components.

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