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"Recycle Bin", content we no longer link to that we may eventually just delete

Status of gr-tutorial use with Tutorials

Of the seven original tutorials, the only one which references the files in gr-tutorial is Guided_Tutorial_PSK_Demodulation. There are 12 flowgraphs for it in Since there are pictures of all the flowgraphs and outputs, we could just have the one final flowgraph in-tree, and remove all the links to gr-tutorial.

The code for 'my_qpsk_demod' is not used, and none of the other files in gr-tutorial are used either.

My recommendations:

  1. update all flowgraphs and output screenshots for 3.8 in
  2. remove the links to the flowgraphs in, revising the wording as needed.
  3. remove references to gnuradio/gr-tutorial in
  4. mark as deprecated.
  5. change to say that it is deprecated; OR delete gnuradio/gr-tutorial entirely.

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