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How can we draw the line between our User Documentation (i.e. the one wiki page per block, and the usage manual) and the Developer Documentation (i.e. Doxygen docs)?

User Documentation

  • Meant for users who are unlikely to ever look at the source code
  • 99% of them are going to be using GRC to create flowgraphs
  • Split up into two parts: the one-wiki-page-per-block and the usage manual (both will live in the Wiki)
  • Each page will be about 1 block, and explain how to use that block and what each parameter means. There should be an example flowgraph.
  • 99% of users don't care about a block's "make signature" or any of the under-the-hood functions, so none of that is mentioned
  • The User Documentation is what would show up in GRC in the documentation tab, i.e. something much more user friendly than what currently shows up

Developer Documentation

  • In this context, developers are those who are modifying GR source code, or just software-dev-oriented folks who take the time to read through code
  • If they are reading through a block's code, they probably know how the block works at a high level, but are interested in programmatic details
  • Mostly (or only?) consists of documentation is that in-line with the code
  • Can be viewed in the Doxygen manual or just directly while viewing code
  • The developer documentation is going to be much more code-oriented, and involve more details about the implementation of the block (i.e. the block's API)

What Goes Where

  • High level descriptions of what a block does should go in the user docs, not developer docs, because it's not tightly coupled to the code, and devs can always reference user docs
  • Example flowgraph will be displayed in user docs, and if its a big complex flowgraph it should also be committed in-tree and linked to within developer docs
  • Descriptions of each parameter will have to go in both, but the user docs will only include parameters exposed via GRC
  • Any API-type descriptions will be in developer docs only