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NOTE: This tutorial has been deprecated in GR 3.8.[edit]

The VIM text editor is a popular choice among coders. If you're using VIM, this page might have some advice on how to optimize your workflow.
This is no introduction to Vim!

The grproject plugin[edit]

Available from github .

This plugin is a small extension that gives Vim some idea about the code structure. Say you're editing a GNU Radio block and call :make -- in most cases nothing will happen, because you have to be in the build-directory of your module. grproject.vim tweaks paths around such that in most cases, the right thing happens. Using this plugin will allow to :cn, gf, :make and other things and Vim will more often than not actually find the relevant files.

Other useful 3rd-party plugins[edit]

Of course, there are hundreds of nice and useful Vim plugins. Here are a few which help specifically when writing C++ and Python code:

  • Pathogen - If you're not using this already, you should. It organizes plugins.
  • Jedi-vim - This plugin provides smart autocompletion for Python scripts. E.g., you can type
src = gr.vector_so

then hit Ctrl-Space and it will autocomplete that for you, give a function definition while you're typing etc.