VCO (complex)

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VCO - Voltage controlled oscillator. Produces a sinusoid of frequency based on the amplitude of the input. See VCO for a real (not complex) sinusoidal output.

input: float stream of control voltages;

output: complex oscillator output


Sample Rate
sampling rate (Hz)
units are radians/sec/(input unit)
output amplitude

Example Flowgraph[edit]

This flowgraph shows a Radioteletype (RTTY) transmitter and receiver. The upper portion is the transmitter. The parameters for the VCO are explained in VCO.
The lower portion of the flowgraph is a single sideband (SSB) receiver. The audio can be fed into a RTTY decoder such as shown in Sample_Rate_Tutorial#Source_hardware_example.

USRP RTTY fg.png

Source Files[edit]

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