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GNU Radio Working Groups

Starting with GRCon13, working groups were created to focus the work on GNU Radio. Currently, the following working groups exist:

Currently, all the discussion in these groups go through discuss-gnuradio. It helps if you tag your messages with square brackets, e.g. [VOLK] or [GRC].

Developer and Working Group Calls

Several groups have conference calls on Google+ hangouts. Notes are typically posted to DevelopersCalls. Keep an eye on the mailing list and the DevelopersCalls page for upcoming calls.

Task Forces

For specific projects, we often put together a task force for a limited period of time to work on a given task. These are usually disbanded once the goal is reached.

  • Tutorials Task Force -- Worked on the new set of tutorials. Was active in 2014, the group's work ended with the release of the tutorials. Active Contributors: Martin Braun, Ben Hilburn, Ankit Kaushik, Marcus Müller, Alfredo Muniz, Tom Rondeau.
  • PyBombSquad -- CGRAN overhaul and PyBOMBS integration.

Special Interest Groups

At GRCon20, it was decided to form an Amateur Radio Group to meet monthly via video. See HamRadio#GNU_Radio_Amateur_Radio_monthly_meeting_group for details. (Leader: Barry Duggan KV4FV)