QT GUI Range

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This block creates a variable with a choice of widgets. The ID will be the variable name, so that ID can be used as a parameter in another block to make it adjustable in real-time.

Leave the label blank to use the variable id as the label.


  • Default Value The default value must be between the start and stop values.
  • Start
  • Stop
  • Step
  • Widget
    • Counter + Slider
    • Counter
    • Slider
    • Knob

See GUI Hint for how to position the GUI within a window.

Example Flowgraph[edit]

The following flowgraph has three QT GUI Range blocks for the variables 'volume', 'tuning', and 'sq_lvl'.

FunCube 2 meter NB FM fg.png

The run-time window shows the three QT GUI Range widgets.

FunCube 2 meter NB FM out.png