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This block creates a variable with a choice of widgets. The variable can be given a default value and its value can be changed at runtime within a specified range.

The ID will be the variable name, so that ID can be used as a parameter in another block to make it adjustable in real-time.

Leave the label blank to use the variable id as the label.

This block does not support C++ output, so it cannot be used when the output language of a flowgraph in GRC is C++.


Id (R)
ID of the variable
The label of the variable
  • float
  • int
Default Value (R)
The default value must be between the start and stop values.
The starting value of the variable
The ending value of the variable
The increment in the variable's values that will be shown on the widget
  • Counter + Slider
  • Counter
  • Slider
  • Knob
Minimum length
GUI hint
See GUI Hint for how to position the GUI within a window.

Example Flowgraph[edit]

The following flowgraph has three QT GUI Range blocks for the variables 'volume', 'tuning', and 'sq_lvl'.

FunCube 2 meter NB FM fg.png

The run-time window shows the three QT GUI Range widgets.

FunCube 2 meter NB FM out.png

Source Files[edit]

Block definition