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Installing on Arch Linux[edit]

GNURadio can be installed easily from the official Arch repository using pacman.

sudo pacman -S gnuradio gnuradio-companion

There are many additional packages like gr-osmosdr that brings extra hardware support in GNURadio.

sudo pacman -S gnuradio-osmosdr gnuradio-iqbal gnuradio-fcdproplus

QT Support[edit]

The official package doesn't have qtgui features enabled by default (will be enabled in future). GNURadio with QT support can be installed using "gnuradio-opt-git package from AUR. This package will install GNURadio to "/opt" and can be used in parallel with other GNURadio installations.

If you have never built & installed an AUR package before, the AUR wiki page gives excellent instructions:
Installing Packages from AUR

Installing GNU Radio from AUR[edit]

If you don't use yaourt/pacaur or something of the likes do the following:

Go to and search for the package "gnuradio-git".
Download the tarball (gnuradio-git.tar.gz) on the packages page.

$ tar zxf gnuradio-git.tar.gz
$ cd gnuradio-git
$ makepkg

This should build, and leave you with a file like gnuradio-git-20111025-1-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz which you can install via

$ sudo pacman -U gnuradio-git-20111025-1-x86_64.pkg.tar.xz

In case you run into trouble building GNU radio using AUR leave a message on the AUR page.