BER Curve Gen.

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This is a hier block that... (someone fill this in)

Note that this block tries to launch many parallel codes to run simultaneously. Thus, it requires that the definitions for each encoder and decoder (specified in the "Encoder list" and "Decoder list") be configured with a parallelism > 0. If the parallelism for one of the encoder or decoder definition blocks is configured to 0, you will likely see an error like:

   TypeError: 'generic_decoder_sptr' object does not support indexing


   TypeError: 'generic_encoder_sptr' object does not support indexing


Sample Rate
Encoder List
Decoder List
Puncture Pat.
Threading Type
Noise Seed

Example Flowgraph[edit]

This flowgraph is derived from

Ber curve gen fg.png

Source Files[edit]

Python Code for Hier Block
Block definition