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GNU Radio Project call July 2017[edit]

Video link:


  • GRCon: Deadlines and reminders
  • Releases
  • Python3k Status
  • CI Status
  • GSoC and SOCIS Updates

Release status:[edit] (maint)[edit]

  • 43 closed bugfix pull requests
  • Some open issues remaining but release soonish

3.7.12 (master)[edit]

  • QT5 backport
  • Andy walls gr-digital::symbol sync_xx blocks
  • Rohde & Schwarz contest optimizations in gr-dtv
  • 45 closed pull requests (plus the 43 PRs on maint)

3.8 (next, python3)[edit]

  • python3 integration of grc code
  • xml->yaml conversion
  • C++ generation (SOCSIS)
  • 45 closed pull requests

Continuous integration[edit]

  • Coverity static analysis back up and running