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Conference Review[edit]

  • We're still growing: 2016 had about 300, 2017 about 340!
  • All slide decks are live
  • All the recordings are in Ben's hand, but it'll take time to get them posted
  • Technical Proceeding have been posted since before the event, go check them out
  • Please fill out attendee survey link
  • Call for volunteers: We need help for the conference committee 2018! Please get in touch with Ben if you want to help


  • Current version broken in different ways
  • Marc took over development
  • New version in Django
  • New logo too
  • New version available for testing
  • Now includes gr-etcetera too
  • If you want to give feedback, ping 777arc on Slack, or

GSoC and SOCIS[edit]

  • 2017 projects are all wrapped up, 3 projects were a big success (Bokeh-GUI, DAB-Step, and C++ code generation from GRC)
  • 2018 application: We're working on the ideas list, please contribute: GSoCIdeas
  • Felix Wunsch now org admin for 2018


Go see

Submit code/bugfixes/doc fixes to GNU Radio and get a free shirt!

DARPA Hackfest[edit]

  • Has a regular hackfest
  • Hacking challenge (too late to sign up for that now though)
  • Tomorrow (20-Oct-2017) is the last day to register if you want to come!
  • On the NASA AMES research facility (that's why you need to register)
  • In the week of November 13th


Please submit talks: Anything radio-related is welcome!

Fore more info: FOSDEM