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FOSDEM - Free and Open source Software Developers European Meeting

  • Free Software Radio Devroom
  • Videos and Slides online here
  • Analog Devices donated ADALM-Pluto SDRs and mini USB 2.4 GHz power amplifiers

European GNU Radio Days

GNU Radio 3.8

  • Feature set frozen
  • Logging updates are the last major feature needing to be developed and merged

Out of Tree Module migration

  • Python 3 support
  • WX removed
  • CMake changes, simpler structure but changes needed to OOTs
    • Minimum CMake version updated
    • Better dependency tracking, easier linking
    • Not compatible with GNU Radio 3.7's CMake structure so both GNU Radio and OOTs need to use the new system


  • Up to date binary installers are a high priority
  • Debian/Ubuntu, Fedora, and Windows are key targets
    • Release versions already exist for the Linux OSs
  • Help on any of the OSs is welcome and needed, particularly Windows