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Project Call July 2019[edit]


  • The 3.8 RC1 tag is now live!
  • The clang-format coding style will be applied soon
  • We have 215 unique contributors for this release!
  • Marc Lichtman (our docs guy) has been working hard to make GRC plug into the GNU Radio wiki
    • We need helpers to update the docs!
  • EU GNU Radio days happened!
  • There will be VOLK release just before GNU Radio 3.8

JMF's video email:

  The videos of the European GNU Radio Days oral presentations and tutorials
  are now available online:
  Marcus' keynote presentation:
  First day oral presentations (morning):
  First day oral presentations (afternoon):
  Second day tutorials (morning):
  Second day tutorials (afternoon):
  The program is at and
  the book of abstracts at