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  • GRCon 2020!
    • September 14ff in Charlotte (East coast – well accessible)
    • Call for Papers open soon!
      • Two Rounds: First for people who need early confirmation, second for people who can't commit overly soon
      • There will be student registration for full-time students
    • Registration open soon
  • GSoC
    • We're working on our application
    • If we're accepted, we'll be looking for both students and mentors: do get in contact with the mailing list / us
    • Thanks go out to Felix Wunsch as last years org admin, and Sebastian Koslowski for organizing this year
    • We need to groom our ideas list:
  • Pulling out VOLK
    • VOLK becomes a "proper" external dependency
    • VOLK Maintainers: Johannes Demel & Michael Dickens
    • as an external dependency, we can't be increasing the minimum version of VOLK that we require on the 3.8.X.X branch (and future releases)
    • just a couple of infrastructure requirements that we need to fix before we proceed with the externalizations
  • GREPs
    • GNU Radio Enhancement Proposals
    • A lot of WIP
    • If you want to do a bigger change, write down in english what direction we'll be going, so please write a GREP:
  • Pull Requests
    • A LOT of movement in the last weeks
    • Serious work: 71 PRs in 2020
    • Hard to keep up with, so please do your best that when submitting pull requests! We have Martin do some commented PR merging:
  • Next call: 2020-02-20