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  • GNU Radio Release (Marcus)
  • VOLK Release (Michael)
  • Additions to master: Plea for testing (Nate)
  • GSoC: we're in! (and so is gnss-sdr)
  • GRCon Update
    • Registration Open now, tickets get significantly more expensive over time
      • We don't 'want to sell tickets at the door, so these will be ridiculously more expensive than if you buy on time
    • Call for Participation first round closes 2020-04-17
    • second and final round closes 2020-09-01
  • European GNU Radio days
    • 2020-06-22 to -23 in Poitiers, France
    • register before 2020-05-01! It's free.
    • Call for submissions: Deadline 2020-04-01
  • Software Defined Radio Academy 2020
  • Swig --> Pybind11 transition (Josh)