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  • GRCon
    • Virtual this year!
    • Talks will be streamed, free for everyone
    • Four half-days of talks, free for everyone
    • Four half-days of workshops, for $50 (one pass for all workshops)
    • Want to submit?
    • You probably have a month or so to submit (rolling submissions, so will close once the schedule is full)
    • The Charlotte GRCon will happen 2021
    • We need your help! Online moderators, general assistance
    • Email
  • GSoC
    • We were accepted! Yay!
    • Two students were accepted, and will work on gr-dpd (digital predistortion), and read-only GRC flowgraphs. At the very least, not having those is a security issue.
    • In the past, GSoC OOTs fell out of maintenance. Not the student's fault, and some students have maintained their OOTs, but not all
    • gr-verilog and gr-bokehgui have been moved to the GNU Radio GitHub org. notou
  • Matrix
  • Pybind11
    • Previously, we use SWIG to wrap C++ into Python
    • For many various reasons, we want to move away from SWIG. It's complicated, and hard to keep going with various versions of dependencies and compilers.
    • Similar to Boost.Python, but more modern.
    • Most of the work done by Josh M. Many thanks!
    • Easier to debug than SWIG!
    • For Python developers, very little changes
    • For C++ developers, you now have more control over your wrappers, but also more responsibility/work.
    • But thanks to a previous GSoC project, we can auto-generate our bindings.
    • If you're writing an OOT against master, it will break. Sorry! Watch out for that.
    • There already has been breakage for OOTs (shared_ptr type)
    • Once this is done, using PyBind11 is hopefully easier than SWIG
    • Trust us, we really hate breaking master. Sometimes it's necessary.