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  • Marcus is stepping down as maintainer! Big round of applause.
  • Derek and Martin will take over the role temporarily.
  • We are very, very thankful for Marcus' work over the last 3 years.
  • We will be looking for someone else to take over maintainership
  • We would also like to have branch maintainers for maint-3.*
  • Reach out to us if you have more questions!


We've been playing around w/ GitHub Actions, and are wondering what people would think about that. Are people likely to contribute to more CI work if we use one system over the other?


Many, many thanks to Nicolas Cuervo for leading the devroom.

Check it out:

Videos are being published over the next few days.

Noteworthy: We asked for help from the designer community through the design devroom at FOSDEM, and some designers have raised their hands to help!


Andrej has done some great work coordinating GSoC, and Håkon will actually be org admin for GNU Radio in order to submit our application. We need help getting the ideas list in good shape: GSoCIdeas

GRCon 2021[edit]

CfP is out, Charlotte, NC is booked. Sep 20-24.

By April, we'll know if it's in-person or virtual.