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- We have and releases! Many thanks to Jeff W.

 - 3.8.* is truly bugfixing mode.
 - 3.9.* we are occasionally adding features. This time: gr-soapy!

- We want to stay on a 3-month release cadence for maintenance releases. - For major releases, we're looking at 6 months cadences. - Also, VOLK 2.5.0

 - Keep in mind, we are planning to relicense VOLK to LGPL in a future version!

Scheduler Working Group / GNU Radio 4.0[edit]

- Recent talks:

 - CASPER: Using GRC for non-GNU Radio flow graphs
 - PMT API: John Sallay wants to fix PMTs
 - SDR 4.0 DARPA effort: BlackLynx is doing stuff to avoid double buffers / unnecessary copies
 - YAML block generation

State of GNU Radio[edit]

- Shoutout to Marcus: Submitting lots - Shoutout to new submitters - gr-iio now merged to master, want to get a good API before 3.10 is tagged

Help Wanted![edit]

- Please help review PRs - Or find issues you can fix - We need help with the PPA - And of course new features! Both for GNU Radio 4.0 and 3.10 - UX study group!

Code of Conduct[edit]

- We are finally creating a team to handle CoC complaints/issues - We are updating our project CoC to contributor covenant 2.0

GRC Qt Version Preview[edit]

- Now we've reached a point where we can enlist more devs - We almost have an MVP - We have a lot of bite-sized, smaller items that can be fixed - GRC-guts are already well-separated between presentation layer and code generation - DEMO IN THE VOD!!


- EU GNU Radio Days: Next weekend! - GRCon'21 running live and online! Sep 20-24.

 - Virtual experiences will be improved.
 - Sponsors still wanted!

- We are now on Libera! Bye, Freenode. #gnuradio

 - We are looking for more mods!