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This is the second and final bug-fix release for v3.7.10.


The following list of people directly contributed code to this release:

Bug Fixes[edit]

The GNU Radio project tracks bug fixes via Github pull requests. You can get details on each of the below by going to:


  • #1034 Fixed performance counter clock option (Pedro Lobo)
  • #1041 Connect message ports before unlock (Bastian Bloessl)
  • #1065 Fixed initialization order of ctrlport static variables (Kyle Unice)
  • #1071 Fixed cmake lib/lib64 issues (Philip Balister)
  • #1075 Fixed pmt thread safety issue (Darek Kawamoto)
  • #1119 Start RPC on message port only blocks (Jacob Gilbert)
  • #1121 Fixed tag_t default copy constructor / operator= bug (Darek Kawamoto)
  • #1125 Fixed pmt_t threading issue with memory fence (Darek Kawamoto)
  • #1152 Fixed numpy warning in pmt code (Bob Iannucci)
  • #1160 Fixed swig operator= warning messages (Darek Kawamoto)


  • #901 Backwards compatibility fix for pygtk 2.16 (Michael De Nil)
  • #1060 Fixed for Python 2.6.6 compatibility (Ben Hilburn)
  • #1063 Fixed IndexError when consuming (Sebastian Koslowski)
  • #1074 Fixed display scaling (Sebastian Koslowski)
  • #1095 Fixed new flowgraph generation mode (Sebastian Koslowski)
  • #1096 Fixed column widths for proper scaling (Sebastian Müller)
  • #1135 Fixed trailing whitespace output (Clayton Smith)
  • #1168 Fixed virtual connection with multiple upstream (Sebastian Koslowski)
  • #1200 Fixed cheetah template evaluation 'optional' tag (Sean Nowls)


  • #1114 Fixed obsolete doxygen tags (A. Maitland Bottoms)


  • #1201 Added missing probe_avg_mag_sqrd_cf block to GRC (Sean Nowls)


  • #1161 Fixed minor inconsistencies in block XML (Sebastian Koslowski)
  • #1191 Fixed typo on xor block XML (Hatsune Aru)
  • #1194 Fixed peak detector fix initial value (Bastian Bloessl)


  • #1084 Fixed msk_timing_recovery out-of-bounds (warning) (Nick Foster)
  • #1149 Clarify documentation of clock_recovery_mm_xx (Thomas Habets)


  • #902 Fixed incorrect assert and set_relative_rate() (Ron Economos)
  • #1066 Fixed GSL link problem with gr-dtv and gr-atsc (Peter Horvath)
  • #1177 Add missing find_package for GSL (Geof Gnieboer)


  • #1030 Updated hidapi to latest HEAD (Alexandru Csete)


  • #1049 Throw exception if K and R are not supported (Clayton Smith)
  • #1174 Fixed missing header file installation (Sean Nowls)


  • #1070 Fix pfb_arb_resampler producing too many samples (Sylvain Munaut)


  • #899 Fixed dark.qss data lines forced-on (Tim O'Shea)
  • #918 Fixed y-axis unit display in Frequency Sink (Tobias Blomberg)
  • #920 Fixed axis labels checkbox in Frequency Sink (Tobias Blomberg)
  • #1023 Fixed control panel FFT slider in Frequency Sink (Tobias Blomberg)
  • #1028 Fixed cmake for C++ example (Bastian Bloessl)
  • #1036 Corrected whitespace issues (Sebastian Koslowski)
  • #1037 Fixed tag color to obey style sheet (Johannes Demel)
  • #1158 Fixed SIGSEGV for tag trigger with constellation sink (Andy Walls)
  • #1187 Fixed time sink complex message configuration (Kartik Patel)
  • #1192 Fixed redundant time sink configuration options (Kartik Patel)


  • #914 Fixed order of include dirs (Martin Braun)
  • #1133 Fixed channel number resolution (Andrej Rode)
  • #1137 Disable boost thread interrupts during send() and recv() (Andrej Rode)
  • #1142 Fixed documentation for pmt usage (Marcus Müller)

Platform-specific changes[edit]

  • #886 Fixed numerous Windows/MSVC portability issues (Josh Blum)
  • #1062 Set default filepath to documents dir for windows (Geof Gnieboer)
  • #1085 Fixed mingw-w64 portability issues (Paul Cercueil)
  • #1140 Added boost atomic and chrono linkage for Windows (Josh Blum)
  • #1146 Use -undefined dynamic_lookup linkage for (swig) on MacOS (Konstantin Mochalov)
  • #1172 Fixed file monitor on windows (Sebastian Koslowski)
  • #1179 MSVC build updates (Josh Blum)