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GNU Radio Companion Working Group[edit]

The GNU Radio Companion Working Group (GRCWG) was created to develop new features for the GNU Radio Companion (GRC) and improve its user experience.


Tasks / Projects[edit]

  • Tutorials
    • Developing for GRC
      • description of different parts of GRC, gr-qtgui, and the qtport.
      • Go over the basics of the workflow: where to submit PRs, setting up the GRC environment, executing from the source tree, etc.
      • List some different tutorials for PyQT, QT, QSS, GTK, etc.
  • Wiki
    • Update to fit the current status of GRC:
      • Current works in progress
      • general areas
      • things we are brainstorming
    • Add an indication of the level of effort required to work on these features
  • Documentation
    • update the GRC wiki page to include newer features
    • how to write block XMLs
    • add button to open doxygen pages
  • Usability
    • add examples menu
  • Features
    • block groups (for e.g. variables)
    • remote fg execution
    • frames (visual sugar to replace note blocks)

Long-term goals[edit]

  • port GRC from GTK to QT
    • relaunch port w/o rewrite of the of flowgraph ui
  • Python3k support
    • find an alternative to Cheetah (not py3k compatible)
  • cleap-up and refactoring =)

Mode of operations[edit]

  • We meet semi-regular to discuss current and upcoming develop work.
    • Calls are always announced on the mailing list
  • Ideas and new developers are always welcome =)