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GRCon15 WG Session[edit]

  • In-depth discussion of Redmine Issue #732: Callback API to aid device driver in scheduling DMA calls
    • How should the API be presented to the developer?
      • registration of a function pointer, or via overloading a default empty function
    • How the scheduler currently deals with upstream/downstream blocks/thread_workers (notify_neighbor)
      • Whether a function being called by the upstream/downstream block's thread is desirable/error-prone
  • Discussion of types of blocks that would like to be off-loaded to co-processors
    • basically expensive blocks: ala FFT, PFB resampler/channelizer/etc., FEC
  • Action item
    • Get the custom_buffers branch merged in to mainline
    • Try to get interested device driver developers engaged in the discussion of how to address #732 (callback API).