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First EU Hackfest May 2014[edit]

The first official EU hackfest was held at KIT, in the rooms of the IIIT (many thanks to Nico Otterbach and his colleagues for providing the facilities!).

TSB modifications[edit]

  • Martin Braun: Research on moving the packet indicator tag to the end
  • multiply_matrix_ff


  • From our off-site hackfest in Aachen: Johannes et al


  • Moritz, Manu, Marcus and Felix

Multi-FSK modulator and demodulator for robust PLC[edit]

  • Damian, Jesus, Vlad, Nico and Oliver

GSoC Projects[edit]

  • gr-benchmark: Marcus
  • gr-radar: Stefan
    • Wrote unittests for FSK and CW simulators
    • Started with synchronized USRP sink/source
  • gr-trellis: Jan
    • Wrote a unittest for siso_f producing posti
    • Wrote scripts to use with gr-benchmark for viterbi_s, metrics_c and metrics_f, and siso_f (producing posti)


TX seems to work


  • Sylvain
    • Fix bugs in the frequency axis
    • Add zoom support
    • Preliminary support for CPU OpenCL implementation (with no cl/gl interop requirement)


  • Andre
    • Receiver for TI CC11xx-based devices
    • PHY working quite good, filters settings could be optimized
    • Preamble+sync word detection working, de-whitener working, CRC not tested yet

Photos of the Event[edit]

First Day:
DSC 0002.JPG
Moritz, Nico, Jesus and Attila

DSC 0005.JPG
Damian, Vlad, Martin,Matt and Marcus

DSC 0007.JPG

DSC 0008.JPG
Videoconference with the guys in Aachen

Second Day:
DSC 0010.JPG

DSC 0012.JPG
Sylvain (tnt), Moritz, Dimitri, Jan and Stefan

DSC 0014.JPG
Andre and Bastian

Third Day:

DSC 0025.JPG

DSC 0031.JPG

Concluding the hackfest with a nice barbecue

DSC 0036.JPG

DSC 0042.JPG

DSC 0049.JPG