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Hackfest March 2015 at Ettus Research[edit]

Dates: March 30 - April 3, 2015

We are planning on releasing 3.7.7 of GNU Radio shortly after the Hackfest, which will be the first release with VOLK broken out as a separate library. The basic plan:

  • March 30: Make cut over to VOLK as a submodule on master
  • April 6: code freeze for 3.7.7
  • April 13: v3.7.7 release date


  • VOLK: test test test
  • Android support
    • Fix libusb and libuhd permissions problems
    • Roll-out plan
  • Packet Modems
    • Review current progress
    • Plan rework for 3.8
    • Provide proper installation structure for PyBOMBS
    • Wrap CGRAN into a package for local installs to track own PyBOMBS recipes
  • Performance Monitor
    • Finish perf tools and gr-perf-monitorx toggles
  • Improve Embedded Development Documentation
  • QtGui
    • Remove PyQwt requirement
    • Add burst plotting sup
    • Improving plot aesthetics
  • GNU Radio Schedule
    • Improving stream back-pressure latency
    • Reduced buffer sizes
    • CoProc support
    • Improving standard benchmarks
  • Channel Models
    • Validating, accelerating and adding to available models