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(virtual) GNU Radio Hackfest 2021[edit]

Date: 24 October 2021

Times (UTC): 1400-1800, extended if there's interest. (10am-2pm EST)

Watch the livestream at https://twitch.tv/gnuradio

And join the general chat at https://chat.gnuradio.org

There will be folks around working on projects, ideas, and issues if you have questions or would like to Get Involved. Checkout the Tutorials if you haven't used GNU Radio before or want to explore deeper.


  • Testing and Improving Tutorials
  • Creating CUDA Accelerated GR Block
  • Work through a batch of GitHub Issues


1400 UTC (10am EDT): Testing Tutorials[edit]

Derek Kozel

1500 UTC (11am EDT) Packaging an out-of-tree module in Conda[edit]

Ryan Volz

1600 UTC (Noon EDT) Exploring templates in MediaWiki for doc formatting/versioning[edit]

Marc Lichtman

1700 UTC (1pm EDT): GR Cuda Blocks[edit]

Josh Morman