Installing the Tutorials Modules

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NOTE: This tutorial has been deprecated in GR 3.8.


If you choose to download the completed tutorials flowgraphs, and install the custom blocks that are created as part of the tutorial, follow the instructions below. For instance, one way to separate it would be to make a folder for the solutions and one for the work as below:


Cloning the Repository[edit]

To begin, we need to clone the git directory, so let's begin by opening the terminal and moving to the solutions directory we made before. To clone the solutions, we use git to clone the gr-tutorial repo as below:

$ git clone

We should be able to see the exact same files and folders as those on the github repository. If we ever get lost, we can always copy the solutions file to our work directory and move on. Or, if we already have knowledge of how to create OOT modules in Python and C++, then we can simply install the custom modules and move on to the more advanced tutorials. For the complete flowgraphs, we can hover over the image to find the appropriate filename which can be found the examples directory of the tutorial.

Installing the Modules[edit]

Change directory into the cloned repository.

cd gr-tutorial

In the cloned repository, we can run the following set of commands to install the solutions:

mkdir build
cd build
cmake ..
sudo make install
sudo ldconfig

If we want to do the tutorials ourselves, we can uninstall the modules by going to the build directory and running

sudo make uninstall
sudo ldconfig