Interpolating FIR Filter

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Interpolating FIR filter with various I/O and taps types.

The block create finite impulse response (FIR) filters that perform the convolution in the time domain:

   out = 0
   for i in ntaps:
      out += input[n-i] * taps[i]


(R): Run-time adjustable

Interpolation rate
Taps (R)
The taps are a C++ vector (or Python list) of values of the type specified in the type selection list. Taps can be created using the firdes or optfir tools.
Sample delay
This delay is mostly used to adjust the placement of the tags and is not currently used for any signal processing. When a tag is passed through a block with internal delay, its location should be moved based on the delay of the block.

Example Flowgraph

Insert description of flowgraph here, then show a screenshot of the flowgraph and the output if there is an interesting GUI. Currently we have no standard method of uploading the actual flowgraph to the wiki or git repo, unfortunately. The plan is to have an example flowgraph showing how the block might be used, for every block, and the flowgraphs will live in the git repo.

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