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This block presents a JSON config file which is read in as a dictionary.

The values can be used directly when instantiating blocks. For example, Sample Rate: json_config["samp_rate"]

Optionally, a JSON schema can be specified to validate the configuration.

For example, you could have a JSON file that contains:

  "samp_rate": 1e6,

And a schema that contains

  "type": "object",
  "properties": {
    "samp_rate": {"type": "number", "exclusiveMinimum": 0}

If the id of this block is json_config_0, then you can access the samp rate in other blocks as json_config_0["samp_rate"].


Config File
File name of the JSON config file
Config Schema
(Optional) File name of the JSON schema file

Example Flowgraph

The example.json file contains:

"amplitude": 0.1,
"frequency": 1000

Json config example prop.png

Json config example fg.png

Example Output

Json config example out.png

Source Files

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