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Analysis of Zammad helpdesk software

Our intended use of the Zammad software is to handle all emails received by,, and It assigns a ticket number to each initial customer interaction and tracks the progress of the response, keeping subsequent emails within the same ticket as a "thread".

Configuration and Use

Overview Selection Panel

The area of the Overviews screen which selects what emails to display currently combines four different filters into one:

  • Email source (grcon, tickets, or sponsor)
  • STATE (new, open, closed, pending)
  • All
  • Assigned to me

This leads to at least 14 selections. This is not ideal (in my opinion), but can be used for initial trials. A better solution would be to have two or three dropdown menus to do the selection (or maybe Github issues selection style).


If Tags must be selected from a pre-defined list, more options need to be defined.

Success Requires Full Participation

For the Zammad software to work for us, every person who processes email for any of the sources (grcon, tickets, or sponsor) must have full read and write privileges, and MUST USE ZAMMAD instead of direct access to the Gmail interface. Mixing the two would lead to confusion and lack of coordination.

Path Forward

I propose that I be given 'admin' privileges to create a workable configuration for further testing and evaluation.