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Send message at defined interval.

Takes a PMT message and sends it out every milliseconds. Useful for testing/debugging the message system.

The PMT to send seems to be settable also from the input port (please confirm that)


(R): Run-time adjustable

Message PMT (R)
The message to send as a PMT. For example, the following message creates a payload of a simple vector of 16 bytes that contains all 1's.
 pmt.cons(pmt.PMT_NIL, pmt.make_u8vector(16, 0xFF))
Period (ms) (R)
The specified time interval after which data is sent at the output repeatedly.

Example Flowgraph

Example 1

In this example, a Message Strobe block sends the string "Demo" once per second.

PUB SUB msg demo.png

Example 2

In another example, we change the frequency of a signal source to 1kHz after 5 seconds.

Signal source freq msg port.PNG

The message strobe settings in the above example are as follows:

Message strobe settings.PNG

Example 3

Another example that uses a Message Strobe block can be found in gr-blocks/examples/msg_passing.

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