Message Strobe Random-Delay

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Send message at random interval.

Takes a PMT message and sends it out every at random intervals. The interval is based on a random distribution, with specified mean () and variance (). Useful for testing/debugging the message system.

Please note some peculiarities below:

  • poisson does not care about your std
  • gaussian operates as expected
  • uniform is actually of the range (mean-std, mean+std) - thus we are lying and it is not actually an std here


(R): Run-time adjustable

Message PMT (R)
The message to send as a PMT.
Distribution (R)
The random distribution from which to draw events.
Mean (ms) (R)
The mean of the distribution.
Std (ms) (R)
The standard deviation of the distribution.

Example Flowgraph

ZMQ PUSH msg test fg.png

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