Message Strobe Random-Delay

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Send message at random interval.

Takes a PMT message and sends it out every at random intervals. The interval is based on a random distribution, with specified mean () and variance (). Useful for testing/debugging the message system.

Please note some peculiarities below:

  • poisson does not care about your std
  • gaussian operates as expected
  • uniform is actually of the range (mean-std, mean+std) - thus we are lying and it is not actually an std here


(R): Run-time adjustable

Message PMT (R)
The message to send as a PMT.
Distribution (R)
The random distribution from which to draw events.
Mean (ms) (R)
The mean of the distribution.
Std (ms) (R)
The standard deviation of the distribution.

Example Flowgraph[edit]

ZMQ PUSH msg test fg.png

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