Newbie Guide to GNU Radio

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This guide gives a brief overview of GNU Radio: the Wiki, example flowgraphs, the mailing list, and chat rooms.

Main page[edit]

The Main_Page is an excellent summary of the various aspects of GNU Radio.


The GNU Radio Academy presents a complete course from introductory concepts to intricate details of block programming.

Block docs[edit]

The Block Docs pages give descriptions, parameters, and example flowgraphs for the more than 400 GNU Radio blocks.

Repository example flowgraphs[edit]

The main repository for GNU Radio is Many of the various blocks have example flowgraphs there. For example, [1] for FreeDV blocks.

Discuss-gnuradio Digest[edit]

Discuss-gnuradio Digest is an excellent means of learning from others and to ask questions. See the guidelines and how to subscribe at MailingLists.

Matrix chat rooms[edit]

The primary medium for chat is Matrix. See Matrix Chat Server. It can be accessed with a web browser or a separate app such as Element (formerly Riot).