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GNU Radio code by 3rd parties[edit]

Remember to also check out CGRAN!


BBN 802.11[edit]

BBN has written 802.11 code under funding from DARPA.

After GNU Radio is installed, build it using bootstrap/configure/make install to the same prefix.

This has been tested on NetBSD, and reported to work on Linux.

The following has been reported working

  • ? Mb/s transmit and receive without Barker code
  • 1 Mb/s receive with the Barker code

Those experimenting with the code should be familiar with both GNU Radio and 802.11; this is not a good area for beginners.


The UW Quantum System Engineering Laboratory has written code for Magnetic Resonance Force Microscopy (MRFM) under funding from the Army Research Office. The code, with explanation and instructions, is available here.

Some of the code might be useful to other GNU Radio users.

  • On the FPGA side, there is a 2-stage biquad filter with 24-bit (not 16-bit) data path and filter coefficients.
  • There is also an input multiplexer and adder.
  • On the host side, there is code (in Python with Scipy) that transforms transfer functions, expressed as ratios of polynomials with floating point coefficients, into cascaded biquad stages with scaled integer coefficients.
  • The host side code acts as a server, so it can communicate with the MRFM experiment software over TCP/IP sockets.
  • There is a sample client, also in Python with Scipy.

GNU Radio Companion Files[edit]


GR Bluetooth stack[edit]


Jitter (GNU Ionospheric Tomography Receiver)[edit]




RTL2832 drivers, eye diagrams and other stuff