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This page is meant to hold presentations on GNU Radio implementations and applications the people wish to make publicly available.
Presentations given at the GNU Radio conference are available through their respective conference pages.

FOSDEM 2015[edit]

Software Defined Radio Track:[edit]

FOSDEM 2014[edit]

Software Defined Radio Track:[edit]

The Wireless Innovation Forum's SDR Technical Conference 2011[edit]

DCC 2011[edit]

The Wireless Innovation Forum's SDR Technical Conference 2010[edit]

  • Tuesday, 11/30/2010, Workshop 2E: Open Source in Military and Commercial Wireless:
    • Tom Rondeau's presentation on new features of GNU Radio: attachment:rondeau_sdr2010-grdirections2.pdf
  • Wednesday, 12/1/2010, GNU Radio Meetup:
    • Matt Ettus' review of new Ettus Research Products: attachment:ettus-products-gr_2010_12_01.pdf
    • Josh Blum's introduction to UHD: attachment:blum-uhd_slides-gr_2010_12_01.odp
    • Tom Rondeau's brief overview of stream tags: attachment:rondeau-stream_tags-gr_2010_12_01.pdf
  • Thursday, 12/2/2010:
    • Tom Rondeau's GNU Radio tutorial - "GNU Radio: Introduction and Computational Capabilities of the Open Source GNU Radio Project", attachment:rondeau_sdr2010-grtutorial.tar.gz

AMSAT UK 2010[edit]

Wireless@VT Symposium 2007[edit]

' Tom's presentation on OFDM: attachment:gr_ofdm.pdf, attachment:gr_ofdm.ppt

Hacker Events 2001 - 2007[edit]