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This block creates a level gauge. The value can be set either with a variable or an input message.

NOTE: This control has some quirks due to the fact that QProgressBar only accepts integers. If you want to work with floats, you have to use the scaleFactor to map incoming values to the specified min/max range. For instance if the min/max are 0-100 but your incoming values are 0.0-1.0, you will need to set a scalefactor of 100.
Added in 3.9


(R): Run-time adjustable

the name for the Gauge
Label Position
options: [Above, Below]
options: [Vertical, Horizontal]
options: [Float, Integer]
Value (R)
the initial value (default: 0)
see NOTE above
see NOTE above
Scale Factor
see NOTE above
Show Value
True / False
Control Size
display size (default: 100px)
Bar Color
options: [default, silver, gray, black, white, red, green, blue, navy, yellow, orange, purple, lime, aqua, teal]
Background Color
see above
Font Color
see above

See GUI Hint for how to position the GUI within a window.

Example Flowgraph

This flowgraph can be found at [1]

Test levelgauge.png

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