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This block creates a variable push button that creates a message when clicked. Leave the label blank to use the variable id as the label. You can define both the output message pmt name as well as the value and value type.
Added in 3.9


(R): Run-time adjustable

The variable name
the name for the push button
options: [Float, Integer, String, Boolean]
Message Property Name
default: pressed
Message Value
default: 1
Button Background
options: [default, silver, gray, black, white, red, green, blue, navy, yellow, orange, purple, lime, aqua, teal]
Button Font Color
options: see above

See GUI Hint for how to position the GUI within a window.

Example Flowgraph

This flowgraph can be found at [1]

Test msgpush fg.png

Example Output

Test msgpush out.png

Source Files

C++ files
Header files
Public header files
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