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This is a QT-based graphical sink that takes in byte streams or floating point streams and plots a time_raster (spectrogram) plot.

Input stream: This expects a bit stream (0, 1 in the LSB of a byte). It will display packed bytes but the display will have to be autoscaled.

This sink can plot messages that contain either uniform vectors of float 32 values (pmt::is_f32vector) or PDUs where the data is a uniform vector of float 32 values.


(R): Run-time adjustable

Title for the plot
Sample Rate
Sample rate of signal
Num. Rows (R)
Number of rows to plot
Num. Cols (R)
Number of cols to plot
Int. min
Int. max
Multiplier (R)
Vector of floats as a scaling multiplier for each input stream
Offset (R)
Vector of floats as an offset for each input stream
Number of Inputs
Number of streams connected
Update Period (R)
GUI Hint
See GUI Hint for info about how to organize multiple QT GUIs
Axis Labels
Line Label
Line Color
Line Alpha
X-Axis Label, X-Axis Start Value, X-Axis End Value, Y-Axis Label, Y-Axis Start Value, Y-Axis End Value (New as of 3.9)
Allows the Time Raster to be able to look like a QT GUI Waterfall Sink if desired

Example Flowgraph[edit]

This flowgraph and output show a QT GUI Time Raster Sink.

Time raster.png

Source Files[edit]

C++ files
Float input
Bit input
Header files
Float input
Bit input
Public header files
Float input
Bit input
Block definition