Rational Resampler

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Rational resampling polyphase FIR filter.

Either taps or fractional_bw may be specified, but not both.

If neither is specified, a reasonable default, 0.4, is used as the fractional_bw.

This block only works when the output language of the flowgraph is Python.


(R): Run-time adjustable

Interpolation factor (integer > 0)
Decimation factor (integer > 0)
Taps (R)
Optional filter coefficients (sequence)
Fractional BW
Fractional bandwidth in (0, 0.5), measured at final freq (use 0.4) (float). In GNU Radio 3.8, the default value is 0, which should either be changed to a value 'between' 0 and 0.5; or just removed. Removing the value of fractional bandwidth will cause the block to use the default value of 0.4.

Example Flowgraph

This flowgraph shows a Rational Resampler block changing the sample rate from 960 to 500.

RTTY rcv.png

Source Files

C++ files
Header files
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