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The SigMF team is spearheading an effort to create a central repo that will contain a bunch of SigMF example recordings. This will serve multiple purposes, listed below in order of importance:

  1. Someone is looking to use SigMF and wants to see examples of recordings, including the more complex meta features (e.g. geolocation, collections, multi-channel, etc)
  2. Test IQ recordings to be used as unit tests for OOT's flowgraphs or other purposes
  3. A place to store interesting RF recordings, as a way to promote SigMF adoption, e.g., someone might get linked to the repo not because of SigMF but because of the wealth of example IQ recordings, and then find that it's convenient to use SigMF in their workflow

What it is not:

  1. RFML-centric datasets. There may be examples of many different waveforms, but we make no effort to have the example recordings consistent between each other
  2. A place to store something that isn't a SigMF recording

Below is a list of existing RF recordings (doesn't have to be SigMF, we can always make the meta file) that we could potentially pull from:

  1. some of the signals have raw IQ recordings available. This link shows all the zip files
  6. other stuff on zenodo, esp Danis stuff
  7. ETSI provides IQ files for compliance testing

formatted for signal generators LTE under different load conditions FM, FM with noise AM, AM with noise zip with AM & FM files