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  • 09:42, 4 May 2022Github5527 (hist | edit) ‎[218 bytes]Ei8fdb (talk | contribs) (Created page with "= #5527. Making it easier for GRC users to find the tutorials = This is being tracked in [ Github Issue 5527]. The design work is done, but it's not yet implemented.")
  • 08:52, 4 May 2022Github5561 (hist | edit) ‎[7,416 bytes]Ei8fdb (talk | contribs) (Created page with "== #5561. When a .grc file behaves differently due to being opened on different GRC version == This work is related to [ Github Issue 5561]. 1. Do research with community to understand what they do when this happens currently. I've put together a [ short survey] to ask users for their experien...")
  • 14:39, 21 April 2022UnInstallGR (hist | edit) ‎[1,674 bytes]Duggabe (talk | contribs) (initial creation)
  • 14:48, 15 April 2022CRC Check (hist | edit) ‎[2,310 bytes]Destevez (talk | contribs) (Add block documentation for CRC Check)
  • 07:43, 15 April 2022CRC Append (hist | edit) ‎[2,147 bytes]Destevez (talk | contribs) (Add block documentation for CRC Add (the documentation is still not finished, but already useful))
  • 10:52, 28 March 2022GNU Radio 4.0 Preliminary Code Review (hist | edit) ‎[2,452 bytes]Mormj (talk | contribs) (Created page with "Prior to bringing newsched into the main gnuradio repository under a dev-4.0 branch, it is necessary to get at least a preliminary review so that the main aspects of the design can be understood and discussed. Let's use this page to document proposed changes to the existing newsched design that need to be done either before or after the mainlining. ; License : GPLv3 - probably don't have much choice here unless we want to have some parts under a different license (e.g....")