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Is this being deprecated because it doesn't work correctly? The reason should be mentioned. I have read it is buggy.

In my testing with 8PSK it does more harm than good, regardless the settings used.

Note: the modulus setting doesn't seem to mean the same thing as modulus in related components, and a modulus of 1 is used for QPSK in the tutorial.

"The error value and tap update equations (for p=2) can be found in..." None of the fields are named "p" so this could be clearer.
--Skintigh (talk) 20:08, 29 December 2020 (UTC)

Deprecating blocks seems like an annoying thing to do. Unfortunately, sometimes things that seemed like a good idea turn out to be a dead end. In this case, we now have better alternatives: Linear_Equalizer and Adaptive_Algorithm.
-- User:Duggabe