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OOTs and C++[edit]

"Out of Tree Modules (OOTs)" and "Writing blocks in C++" clearly have some overlap that needs to be sorted out, if someone wants to tackle that it would be awesome

Types of Blocks[edit]

There should be a new or existing beginner tutorial that includes the different types of blocks, like source/sink/sync/general

Response from Barry Duggan[edit]

Look at Types_of_Blocks. FYI, using the 'Search GNU Radio' in the upper right area of any Wiki page can find a lot of items like this.

Where to Find Example Code[edit]

Throughout the tutorials, it is seemingly possible to build the examples yourself until you get into higher level blocks such as "symbol_sampling.grc" in the QPSK Mod and Demod Tutorial. This text could easily be linked to the .grc file used in the tutorial.

Tutorial Organization[edit]

Throughout much of the documentation "GNU Radio" and "GRC" are used (conceptually) interchangeably. While GRC is a nifty tool for creating flowgraphs, GNU Radio is the magic behind the individual blocks. For example, when I search gnuradio python hier_block, I get Blocks and Parameters, which is a tutorial on creating a hier_block using GRC. There is no Python code in the page at all.

All the GRC tutorials are great, but when I need a lower-level guide (like a Python API), there is little there.

navigation between sections[edit]

Would be great if I could go to the next section by just following a link at the bottom of the section. Going back to the tutorials main page every time I want to go to a new section is time consuming.

response from Barry Duggan[edit]

All of the Beginner Tutorials now have navigation at the end of the page.