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OOTs and C++

"Out of Tree Modules (OOTs)" and "Writing blocks in C++" clearly have some overlap that needs to be sorted out, if someone wants to tackle that it would be awesome

Types of Blocks

There should be a new or existing beginner tutorial that includes the different types of blocks, like source/sink/sync/general

Where to Find Example Code

Throughout the tutorials, it is seemingly possible to build the examples yourself until you get into higher level blocks such as "symbol_sampling.grc" in the QPSK Mod and Demod Tutorial. This text could easily be linked to the .grc file used in the tutorial.

Tutorial Organization

Throughout much of the documentation "GNU Radio" and "GRC" are used (conceptually) interchangeably. While GRC is a nifty tool for creating flowgraphs, GNU Radio is the magic behind the individual blocks. For example, when I search gnuradio python hier_block, I get Blocks and Parameters, which is a tutorial on creating a hier_block using GRC. There is no Python code in the page at all.

All the GRC tutorials are great, but when I need a lower-level guide (like a Python API), there is little there.

navigation between sections

Would be great if I could go to the next section by just following a link at the bottom of the section. Going back to the tutorials main page every time I want to go to a new section is time consuming.