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GNU Radio Amateur Radio meeting agenda

Our first video meeting was held 17 October. Due to some technical difficulties with Big Blue Button, we moved to Zoom and succeeded in doing the planned agenda. For those who missed the meeting because of scheduling or time of day, the next meeting will be on Saturday 7 November 16:00 UTC. If you have any questions about your local time, go to



Host: Barry Duggan, KV4FV

Co-host: Derek Kozel, MW0LNA & K0ZEL

Brief walk-through of Simulation example: FSK

Presentation of gr-RTTY-basics package

Audio loopback demo

Audio cable from Ubuntu to Raspberry Pi (rPi)

Live Over-the-Air demo

Transmit with USRP on Ubuntu to Pluto on rPi on 2 meters


   Notes about the meetings can be made on Talk:HamRadio.
  • The Ham Radio chat room on Matrix is available for continuing discussion.
    • server:
    • or via the Homeserver in a matrix app:
    • room: OR (an alias)